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Special Collections Librarian
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For technical problems, please contact:
Ann Marie Mesco
Digitization Projects Manager
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Note on Rights and Permissions

Use of the Posner Collection is intended for educational purposes only. Users are warned that copyright laws may restrict the use of these images. Permissions for commercial use or publication should be obtained from the copyright holders.

Using the Collection


  • Use quotes to search for full phrases in the Word or Phrase field.
  • The Persistent Link for the document you are viewing will be displayed above the document. This is the address that should be used for bookmarks and citations.
  • Because some scanned images are from older, discolored paper, it may be difficult to see the text highlighting on some pages.
  • An easy way to print multiple pages is to open the full PDF by clicking the Show Document button, right-click on the document once it loads in a new window, and select Print... from the menu that pops up. Then you can enter the range of pages you would like to print in the Pages area.


This digital collection has been scanned using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that provides full-text searching capabilities. This allows users to search through all of the digitized documents for specific words and phrases. On the main menu at the top of the page click the Search option. From here you have the option of performing a basic or advanced search.

A Search can be performed using keywords. Use quotes to search for specific phrases (ex. "Chinese Jades"). All text and item descriptions will be searched, providing results based on relevance by default.

Twenty-five results are presented per page and can be displayed according to one of the four display options ( columns, rows, thumbnails or thumbnail rows) found at the top of the page. In order to browse through each page of results, use the page numbers or arrows found at the top of the page.


If you select Browse from the main menu, a list of all the items in the collection will be displayed. Depending on your view, you can click either the arrow next to a descriptive category, or the category name at the top of the list, in order to sort by a certain field (ex. click Author(s) to sort alphabetically by author).


After locating a document that you would like to view by either browsing or searching, click the item's title. The selected document will be presented, usually in PDF format.

Words or phrases that were used to search will be highlighted within the document. However, once the document is displayed as a PDF, different words and phrases can always be searched within the document using the PDF reader's Find box, usually in the upper right. (If you cannot see the box, try clicking on the document then hitting [ctrl+f] on the keyboard.)

Above the PDF document are a number of options for viewing. The blue up and down arrows will allow you to scroll page to page. The Previous Hit and Next Hit buttons will take you to the previous/next page of the document on which your search terms are found, skipping pages that do not match your search.

At the top right hand side of the page are other useful icons. Clicking the Show Document icon will open the full document in a separate window, allowing you to scroll through its pages. The More Information icon will provide metadata and additional information pertinent to the document. You can also find the document's Persistent Link there, which is the link that should be used for bookmarks and citations. Just to the left of these icons are arrows which allow you to move to additional documents matching your search criteria.