Workday Schedule

Friends of the Chicago portage volunteer workdays are usually conducted on the last saturday of every month (except in december) from 9AM to noon in Portage Woods Forest Preserve (4800 S. Harlem). Volunteers should dress appropriately for the weather and wear workclothes, workgloves and heavy boots or workshoes. We’ll supply tools, gloves, training and refreshments. We meet in the parking lot in front of the statue in Portage Woods forest preserve.

Our workday activities change with the seasons. Spring is the time to remove garlic mustard and plant native species. Summer finds us keeping the trails clear of encroaching vegetation and removing European buckthorn. Fall is the time to plant natives, cut buckthorn and build brushpiles. In the winter we stay warm by burning the buckthorn brushpiles in giant bonfires, and we toast marshmallows and our no-good cook Pierre warm's his delicious Portage pea soup in the bonfire coals.

(4800 S. Harlem Ave. Lyons, IL).Call Gary Mechanic at 773-590-0710 for more information and to check on weather cancellations.

2012 Workdays

  • Saturday, January 28, 2012
  • Saturday, February 25,
  • Saturday, March 31,
  • Saturday, April 28,
  • Saturday, May 26,
  • Saturday, June 30,
  • Saturday, July 28,
  • Saturday, August 25,
  • Saturday, September 29,
  • Saturday, October 27,
  • Saturday, November 24,
  • Volunteer Appreciation Picnic
  • Saturday, December 22, Bonfire Party!
  • (Note - not the last Saturday)