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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a finding aid?

A finding aid is a guide to an archival collection. Intended to help researchers navigate large and complex collections, they typically include information about the creator and the arrangement of the collection. Most importantly, they include an inventory of the material in a collection.  

Finding aids for all of the collections held by the University Archives are available online.  

What is non-commercial use?

Non-commercial use encompasses a wide range of exciting possibilities—including artistic, educational, scholarly, and personal projects that will not be marketed, promoted, or sold.  

Commercial use is any reproduction or purpose that is marketed, promoted, or sold and incorporates a financial transaction. Examples include merchandise, books for sale (including textbooks), periodicals and journals with paid subscriptions, TV programs and commercial films, and advertisements. 

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How do I download an item?

Entire documents can be downloaded as a PDF or single pages can be downloaded as JPEGs. To download, click the three vertical dots at the upper right corner of the viewer and select your preferred option. 


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