The Tartan is the student newspaper of Carnegie Mellon University. First published in 1906, the weekly publication documents life and events on campus. 

The digital collection is mostly complete, though there are missing issues. Notable missing volumes include issues from the outbreak of World War I and the 1926 issue celebrating Carnegie Tech’s surprise victory of Notre Dame. In some cases – particularly those during World War I – it is possible no issue was ever published. In others, such as the Notre Dame victory, the issue was published but not preserved. In some cases, an issue was not digitized because of its poor physical condition. If you have a question about a missing issue, please contact the archives for assistance. 

The Tartan included regular special editions, including the NATRAT, published for April Fool’s Day and a regular Spring Carnival issue, which published schedules, event summaries, and Sweepstakes results. The Tartan has also featured regular supplements, such as Pillbox, an arts and literary journal. 

One issue of the Tartan has not been made available online due to harmful language and offensive content. The 1994 edition of the NATRAT was removed from circulation and lead the resignation of the editor. While the Tartan was criticized widely for the issue, its response was well received. The paper temporarily halted publication while it reviewed its editorial policies, held regular open forums on campus to gather community response, and created the position of ombudsmen the oversee the publishing process. 

The 1994 edition of the NATRAT is available by request for in-person research. 

The most recent issues of the Tartan are available at No physical copies were printed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Accessing the Collection

Microfilm of the Tartan is held by Carnegie Mellon University Libraries. The University Archives holds physical copies for some issues. Due to their fragile condition, they are not available for general use.

Recent issues of the Tartan are available at

Using the Collection

The digital collection is incomplete and is missing some issues. If you are unable to find an issue, please contact the archives for additional assistance. If you possess an issue we are missing and are willing to let us digitize it, please let us know.

Dates of Publication

Online: 1906 - 2014

Print: 1906 -


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