Course Catalogs

Commonly referred to as the University Bulletins, the Course Catalogs include course descriptions; the requirements for various programs of study; information related to tuition, facilities; the academic calendar; and campus maps. Information for graduate programs is not included in the bulletins.  

While the majority of bulletins include information for all undergraduate programs at the university, there are years when each school published separate bulletins. Some years also include bulletins for night classes and summer programs. 

Early bulletins also contain information about plans for future expansion – including building construction and planned academic programs. They also include information on current students and graduates. 


Accessing the Collection

Physical copies of the course catalogs are available in the Carnegie Mellon University Archives. Contact the archives to schedule an appointment.

Using the Collection

We have attempted to digitize all available course catalogs. If you believe a course catalog is missing, please contact the archives for assistance.


1906 - 2020


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