The Alumnus served as the alumni magazine for the Carnegie Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University. Over the course of its publication, it went through a variety of title changes, including: 

  • C.I.T. Alumnus (1914-1923)

  • Carnegie Alumnus (1923-1963)

  • Carnegie Alumni News (1964-1975)

  • Carnegie-Mellon Alumni News (1975-1981)

  • Alumni: Carnegie-Mellon University Alumni News (1982- )

  • Carnegie Mellon Magazine 


Although the magazine was published until 2017, only issues through 1982 are available online.


The magazine is a useful resource for campus events, human interest stories, and the activity of alumni. 


Accessing the Collection

Physical copies of the Alumnus and other titles in the series are available in the Carnegie Mellon University Archives. Contact the archives to schedule an appointment.

Dates of Publication

Print: 1914 - 2017

Online: 1914 - 1982


Copyright is held by Carnegie Mellon University. Material in this collection does not require permission for non-commercial use.